Apple & blackcurrant, Sweet

Raw porridge with blackcurrant ice cream

Stir the mixed grain flakes into the apple and beetroot juice and leave to stand in the fridge for at least a couple of hours (or even better overnight) in a small jar or in a bowl covered in cling film. Slice the banana and freeze for the same amount of time. Before serving, blitz the frozen banana and blackcurrants until they form an ice cream-like mass. Add a dash of apple juice if necessary.


Layer the frozen mixture onto the porridge and enjoy!


Helde mixed grain flakes with apple and blackcurrant 100 g
Apple juice 200 ml
Beetroot juice 1 tablespoon


Banana ½
(Frozen) blackcurrants 500 g
Apple juice 1 tablespoon

Recipe and photos by Britt Paju