About us


Our history

AS Sangaste Linnas is a cereal and grain flake factory which is unique in Estonia, using high-tech automated equipment from Germany. Under the Helen trademark we have been bringing smiles to the faces of porridge lovers for a quarter of a century. The first products to hit the shelves as part of the Helen range were its instant oak flakes, followed by mixed grain porridge, wholegrain oat flakes and buckwheat and rice flakes.


Three years ago the company invested in technology for the production of oat bran. Since the benefits of bran to the human body have been scientifically proven, the decision was made to work with Estonian scientists to develop a new series of functional porridges on the basis of bran, which was named Helde. In developing the new products the aim, first and foremost, was to keep them natural, which will only grow in importance as consumer awareness rises.

The environment around us

Attention is turned to quality and hygiene above all else in every stage of the production process. The grains are transported in hermetically sealed pipes throughout the process, thanks to which dust does not make its way into the production areas or out into the surrounding environment.


The flakes used in production are processed healthily so that consumers are able to prepare a nutritious breakfast for themselves in as short a time as possible. The flakes are processed over a period of one hour using hot water vapour, which means that the porridges can be prepared at home in just 1-3 minutes. The beneficial components of grains and cereals are retained in flakes that are processed using steam.

Our community

Our company contributes to the local community by working with grain-growers in the area. We support cultural and sports events and are a partner to the local authority and Keeni School. We also do what we can to help families with large numbers of children and contribute to the Food Bank.