Mixed grain porridge, Overnight porridges, Sweet

Apricot porridge

Dice the apricots or plums the night before, place in a bowl and pour over warm water until the fruit is almost covered. The next morning, drain and add the fruit to the pot, scatter the mixed grain flakes over, add the water and salt and mix well. Bring the porridge to the boil, then stew on a low heat (barely bubbling) according to the instructions on the packaging, stirring a couple of times to bring what it at the bottom to the top. Serve with Greek yoghurt, nuts and slices of persimmon or prunes.


Microwave option (1 portion): Use a quarter of the amounts indicated. Mix everything together and place in a microwave-safe container. Cook on full power for around 3 minutes, stirring once.


Dried apricots or plums 8
Helen mixed grain flakes 300-400 g
Bran 4 tablespoons
Water or milk 1 l
Salt ½ a teaspoon
Greek yoghurt, nuts, persimmon slices or prunes to serve